My Rules:
Female(s) only, I do ***NOT*** draw males. Only exception is if POV (anon)

My Pricelist (approximate):
140 Extra Votes:
Single female, pin up style or masturbation. Complex backgrounds and clothing may be extra
240 Extra Votes:
2 girls, whatever position (unless abnormally complex)

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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Koala Gangbang
2018-03-22 05:01:45
Koala from One Piece. Implied scene from video but bad guys win :p blouse open, no hat, exposing boobs. External shes sitting atop of one guy riding him whilst giving double handjob. Cum over already on chest, face and head. Slight ahegao expression
Nico Robins Imprisonment
2018-03-02 19:28:23
Tequila Wolf Robin External , bukkake. Very messy over head ,face, chest , slight ahegao/lust expression, boobs exposed.
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Erza Valentine Creampie Surprise
2018-02-19 04:09:47
Valentines Day! Lets have...... Seduction Armor Erza. But artist chooses the sex act! External
Tsunade blowbang
2018-02-10 21:17:32
Tsunade in a messy, slutty blowbang. Nice and simple.
Saeko Busujima BukkakeBlowbang
2018-02-07 23:56:43
Saeko (Highschool of the Dead) in a bukkake/blowbang, wearing her school uniform but breasts exposed too. Image External /
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preparation of a complex spell
2018-02-07 16:23:49
Hell lets keep it going. Dragon Crowns Sorceress in a messy bukkake/blowbang, minus the hat.
Erza Scarlet x Swan
2017-09-15 09:26:34
Commission for Inusen Erza Scarlet x Swan -> 2 scenes - please as two separate pics Erza in this outift ( External ) Swan in her standard outfit ( External ) First scene similar like this: Image Erza on bottom and Swan on top. Make Erza strong squirting. With her right hand Erza grabs her right foot -> so we have a clear sight on Swans foot in Erzas mouth. Erzas outfit -> without her skirt and without her boots. Feet naked and with blue colored finger and toe nails. Swan is fully clothed, just her feet are naked and without the glove on her hand with which she is fisting Erza. Second scene - they scissor like crazy similar to this: Image Erza on top and Swan on bottom. Make their dripping wet pussys good visible. Erza wears only her arm protection. Swan wears only her leg protection, her gloves and her scarf. Erza again with light blue colored nails and Swan with white colored nails. Both have pierced nipples.
Lucy in her Dragon Cry Capricorn Attire being Anal full nelsoned
2017-06-15 02:00:22
Lucy in her Dragon Cry Capricorn Attire being Anal full nelsoned. Image Image Image similar to the bottom pic for pose Image
Lucy Heartfilia Capricorn Star Dress Bukkake
2017-06-14 03:29:43
Lucy in her Dragon Cry Capricorn Attire (Lose the shades), Giving a double handjob/Bukkake over her chest/face. Image Image Image
Good Mamma s boy
2017-06-13 20:20:34
Sakura is in a sexy revealing wedding dress as she is hugging Naruto from behind with her big plush breast pressed up aginst him, while smirking as she just got done whispering to him he was good mamas boy. Naruto is wearing a shirt that has Kushina little man on it as he is blushing looking at the other girls giggling at him who are Hinata,Tenten,Ino, and Kushina who is blowing a kiss to him.
Cuck Queen Erza Strikes AgainMelting ice
2017-06-09 20:24:24
Cuck Queen Erza Strikes Again!: Erza Scarlet decides she's had enough of all the lovey dovey couples around the guild and she is gonna personally fix that problem herself. Juvia is wearing (External ) Erza is wearing (Image ) Cucking Gray Erza is anal fucking Juvia with her futa cock. Juvia is sitting in Erza's lap with Erza holding up Juvia's legs; Erza is sticking her heel into Gray's ass/balls while she fucks Juvia. Erza is fully clothed with her tits out and licking Juvia's face. Juvia is fully clothed with her panties on Erza's head. Juvia is making an ahegao face and fingering herself. Cucking Juvia Erza is fucked anal piledriver style by Gray, with Juvia, tied up on her knees, being forced to lick Erza's pussy while Erza pinching her pussy. Erza is fully clothed with her tits out and her panties around an ankle. Juvia is completely nude except for her stockings.
Ino riding a dildo
2017-06-07 23:08:01
Ino Yamanaka (The Last artwork, Image ) riding a dildo like this (maybe on a countertop or table, up to artist if they can fit in that detail): External / She is using her hand to spread her pussy wide as she cums on the dildo and using her other hand to fondle one of her breasts. She should have a facial expression similar to: External / Her shirt should be unbuttoned to expose her breasts, her skirt open (or gone completely) showing her pussy and whatnot. She is still wearing her boots/tall sandals. Willing to pay more EV for better quality work. Would like to see rough sketch before everything is finalized.