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Female(s) only, I do ***NOT*** draw males. Only exception is if POV (anon)

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Single female, pin up style or masturbation. Complex backgrounds and clothing may be extra
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2 girls, whatever position (unless abnormally complex)

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Added: 2018-08-21 03:05:10
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Is anyone else getting the "Apache2 Debian Default Page" error whenever they try to access their own profile page?

I can view other people's profiles, just not mine.
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  • 2018-08-21 03:44:38

    I am not, seems to be fine for me.

  • 2018-08-21 03:59:02

    it happens to me as well but I can't view other people's profile

  • 2018-08-21 04:03:21

    Did you try to clear browser cache, or use Ctrl+R in your browser?

  • 2018-08-21 04:52:00


  • 2018-08-21 05:37:37

    Same error Josuke

    "Apache2 Debian Default Page
    It works!
    This is the default welcome page used to test the correct operation of the Apache2 server after installation on Debian systems. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly. You should replace this file (located at /var/www/html/index.html) before continuing to operate your HTTP server.

    If you are a normal user of this web site and don't know what this page is about, this probably means that the site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. If the problem persists, please contact the site's administrator."

    So on and so forth

Added: 2018-06-06 23:07:10
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Ok seriously, can that "enable notifications" pop up that appears every time you click on a new page just fuck off already, please? I don't want to click "NO" every single time.
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  • 2018-06-06 23:40:45

    Must be a bug you are experiencing. I only seen the message once and I clicked no, have not seen it since.

  • 2018-06-06 23:49:33

    It's happening to me as well. Every. Single. Page.

  • 2018-06-07 00:18:31

    Every damn page I click on it pops up. How many times do I have to press "No updates"

  • 2018-06-07 00:48:54

    Yeah that sounds very annoying.

  • 2018-06-07 02:56:24

    Should disappear already!

  • 2018-06-07 03:18:23

    Thanks Josuke. It seems to be solved now

Added: 2018-05-23 21:56:30
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
So I've been here for a decent bit but would always like to find room to improve. Trying out different techniques and finishing touches and whatnot to test out what I like. Anyways I'd like to hear any and all technical feedback/criticisms (good or bad welcome). Here's one of my more recent works as a sample.

Feedback I'm looking for would be more relevant to things like "I think you can improve/fix your coloring by doing .... " , "you should try to change line settings to ..." , "I think this (anatomical) part looks off/incorrect because ..." , etc., not things like "I would prefer to see XYZ facial expression instead of ...." or "I want to see _______ char" since that doesn't really reflect the technical side (but welcomed nonetheless I suppose). Any and all input is appreciated.

Anyways my gallery is free to browse if you want more things to criticize and all.

Discussion: (4 comments)
  • 2018-05-23 22:22:59

    Hmm.. Just my opinion try using backgrounds to adds to the scenery's sexy atmosphere

  • 2018-05-23 22:31:51

    All your drawings are great, you have a good style, but there are things that I like a lot on average, all your characters have the same oval breasts, Even characters that have small breasts, you must work on the pointed ones Image Image Image Image Legs and butt are drawn, like a woman at the age of 30, with characters from the series Fairy Tail it's not a problem, because the Hiro Mashima draws every girl like that, but in other series, such legs occur in older women(MILF), Sakura at the end just got it XD Round faces, they look nice, but worse with sharp angles and long faces, Your style is generally awfully round I hope I helped

  • 2018-05-24 18:22:34

    i think your drawing are good. better then me before my fire accident. lost my dominant hand and only have the pinkie and finger next to it with limited movement. took over 30 min. to type this so drawing is out but love your work and the work of many others. just keep at it is all i can say.

  • 2018-05-24 23:26:26

    Your art seems already really well developed I like it!

Added: 2018-05-22 18:06:59
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Is anyone else's inbox completely broken (can't attach pics, messages are completely out of order, etc)?

Starting to become really annoying when messages from a year ago are back up top
Discussion: (22 comments)
  • 2018-05-22 18:09:25

    Now you mention it, I check and my inbox is screw as well

  • 2018-05-22 18:11:44

    My inbox is fine, but I'm having other issues... I think there was some kind of update?

  • 2018-05-22 20:17:28

    I have the same problem.

  • 2018-05-22 21:01:39

    sometimes messages do not come to me for a few days

  • 2018-05-23 07:06:32

    Guys, the Mailbox was updated indeed. Write me back if you have any troubles, please? The new approach is to display the latest chats you were into by default. Sorted by the date of the last message (as how it is in WhatsApp).
    If you're looking for INCOMING messages, there is a tab that filters those messages only.

  • 2018-05-23 07:23:21

    And thanks for reporting about the attachments' issue. Should be fixed by now.

  • 2018-05-23 07:26:49

    Now he shows me that read messages are unread o_o

  • 2018-05-23 07:29:45

    >>Starting to become really annoying when messages from a year ago are back up top
    The issue was caused because of the previous Mailbox's update didn't work quite well (messages weren't really marked as read). The latest update fixed the issue, but, unfortunately not all the chats might have been fixed automatically.
    I would kindly ask to click on those "re-appeared old" chats to mark them as "seen" - they will disappear and move to the end of the queue (according to the real date they were sent).

  • 2018-05-24 20:56:07

    Im not sure but maybe there is a little problem with inbox notifications, this morning I receive one (It was a commission idea), just checking my inbox like an hour I realize I had an PM as well and it was send basically at the same time of the commission (11 hours ago), I only receive one notification (Open commission) when I should receibe two (Open commission and PM), if it wasnt because I was checking my inbox I probably will not realize about the PM

  • 2018-05-25 03:57:35

    Yep, just found out another bug. Could you check if the messages display correctly?

  • 2018-05-25 04:08:12

    I receive 5 PM notificacions, All of them are old, My newest PM (The one I was talking about dissapear) and even when I click the messages, the notification doesnt dissapear

  • 2018-05-25 04:10:09

    still broken as shit. 8 message notifications which are all old. Also have 7 other notifications which I can't make go away

  • 2018-05-25 04:22:32

    I have 17 messages I already some time ago and don't really know how to put them on "seen", so I'm not going to be able to notice when it's really a new PM.

  • 2018-05-25 05:11:03

    I have 8 messages, have already been read,but they are still being shown as new messages, and how many times I browse them, it gives no results, they are still unread, which is annoying

  • 2018-05-25 09:18:00

    Try it again? Fixed the "stuck" unread messages.

  • 2018-05-25 09:26:41

    the problem is gone thanks Josuke

  • 2018-05-25 21:06:27

    The same, the problem had been fixed, thanks for everything.

  • 2018-05-26 18:53:55

    The messages I sent to yogur have disappeared, I know that maybe it is not brewing, But with other messages I do not have this problem,

  • 2018-05-28 03:29:36

    There was another slight bug, check it up. guys. And tell if still having any trouble?

  • 2018-05-28 07:38:58

    I see that it is repaired, but maybe something escaped

  • 2018-05-28 16:35:46

    And... Updated again! Check it one more time, please?

  • 2018-05-28 18:01:20

    is good

Added: 2018-03-22 07:32:24
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
lineart version of the animation using the base I posted in an earlier blog post. If anyone is interested in one with a different char animated in this position let me know (starting price is $40 USD / 160 EV for now, extra details and complexity will be more)

Discussion: (1 comments)
Added: 2018-03-18 00:26:58
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Doing another animation project. Would anyone be interested in a commission using this animation template? This is a rough sketch, so the final version will be cleaner and fixed up a bit. Commission would include char of your choice animated in this position + BG. Price starting at 150 EV ($40 USD).

Discussion: (4 comments)
  • 2018-03-18 08:40:02


  • 2018-03-18 08:40:41

    Send me a message I'm willing whenever

  • 2018-03-18 12:05:07

    very nice breast sketch, because they are neither too big nor too small

  • 2018-03-19 00:38:40

    Those interested in this offer put up a commission with your details

Added: 2017-12-24 21:56:33
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
From one mediocre artist to the next, Merry Christmas everyone

Discussion: (1 comments)
  • 2017-12-25 02:51:11

    It is really good

    I love Rin and Lucy. And don't say mediocre because you aren't

Added: 2017-12-14 09:11:07
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Xmas themed piece I did for someone in "preparation" for the holiday season :)
Input/criticism always appreciated as it can help me improve.

But my main post, I want to ask: does anyone know how to remove that stupid garbage light filter that the site automatically applies when you upload a pic? Even if I choose upload quality as "original" and reset the blur, some of the skin tones come out with the color of a damn sunburnt tangerine (like in this pic).

Discussion: (9 comments)
  • 2017-12-14 09:17:41

    For some reason it looks normal here, but on my page everything is a lot more orange

  • 2017-12-14 09:52:30

    That's weird because on my end the pic on your page looks the same as this one

  • 2017-12-14 17:43:36

    Damn ths is awesome, keep up the good work

  • 2017-12-14 20:41:36

    Cause of the vip status i would assume

  • 2017-12-15 01:18:11

    two of my favorite bleach girls!! omg thank you so much for this pic

  • 2017-12-16 03:38:01

    @GGC use Ctrl+Shift+R to clean browser cache for the images to see the real picture, please?

  • 2017-12-16 03:57:57

    Worked, thanks

  • 2017-12-16 22:31:11

    since you're asking for it: harribel's eyes are too big, head as well; i understand camera and body positioning etc, but that doesn't really work great in 2d art, it just looks like her head is bloated

  • 2017-12-18 10:16:23


Added: 2017-10-26 23:56:19
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
In spirit of Halloween, I've uploaded some halloween themed pictures (well, just 2 so far) and have a few more on queue from commissioners. Feel free to check out my gallery and give me some feedback (good or bad, all is accepted) or hit me up with a commission request if you wish.

Discussion: (2 comments)
Added: 2017-07-23 21:23:27
# Link to the post in GGC's Blog
Greetings all!

I'm a relatively new artist here and at the moment just updating and working on my portfolio. Attached is one of many versions of a piece I did for someone as a sample piece of my style. I would appreciate any and all feedback, input, criticism(s), and/or anything that you may think could improve my work overall.



Discussion: (11 comments)
  • 2017-07-24 02:31:33

    Hot one! thank you for sharing!

  • 2017-07-24 06:50:42

    Welcome. ^^

  • 2017-07-24 16:45:12

    For starters, not hating on other people's art.

  • 2017-07-24 22:24:50

    Hard to call anything you upload "art"

  • 2017-07-24 22:44:32


    Practice what you preach, hypocrite

  • 2017-07-24 23:35:33

    discussion page went dark pretty fast. anyways, welcome! you have an amazing gallery!!

  • 2017-07-25 01:51:05

    Agree w/ SP; keep up the great work

  • 2017-07-25 08:17:58

    @GGC : Considering his message removed, I'll post the screenshot here for people curious about it : External

    Anyway, as I was telling you, it's a bit hard to criticize your work considering you are pretty much nailing what you aim for (altho it's always a pleasure to gives my two cents if you need a second opinion)

  • 2017-07-25 13:50:38

    Keep it civil. If potshots happen you let us know via the report flag to the right. If you cant be civil then ignore each other.

  • 2017-07-25 22:13:28

    The banter between artists is real hahaha

  • 2017-07-25 23:34:24

    Between and artist (GGC) and an editor (rickeyhentai) i think you meant to say swag.